Duncan Oklahoma Horse Fair and Ranch Rodeo and the Passing of a Great Guinea Pig

A Post of Three Parts

  • Wherein we attend the Duncan, Oklahoma Horse Fair and Ranch Rodeo
  • Wherein we receive sad tidings
  • Wherein we discover Gramps’ life could be in danger

 This past weekend Gramps and I, and some of the kids, grandkids, and the sister’s crew trekked to Duncan, Oklahoma for the horse fair and Chisolm Trail Ranch Rodeo.

Cow Dog Trials

Cow Dog Trials

The weekend kicked off on Friday with a new event–Oklahoma Cow Dog ClassicTrial. Each dog and handler have an alloted time to herd three calves through the course. I wish our dogs could have attended, as well. They could’ve used some lessons from those good working dogs.

The Littlest Cowboy

The littlest cowboy out there warming up the horses with Dad.

Ranch rodeo differs from just plain old rodeo in that the contestants are working ranch hands and the events are real chores done on a ranch: stray gathering, wild cow milking, branding, and ranch bronc riding.

Twelve teams competed each night. Each team consisted of four contestants. The first night I rooted for team Empty Pockets because I fully identified with their unfortunate plight. They did pretty good out there, too. I was proud.

Duncan Ok Horse Sale

The next morning, we attended the horse and mule sale. Didn’t buy anything but enjoyed watching.

Grand entry Chisolm Trail Ranch Rodeo

At the grand entry

Branding Event

Branding Event

The next night, I rooted for team Three Fats and a Railer, because, really…how could I not with a descriptive title like that? They put the skinny guy on the saddle bronc and ended up doing pretty good for three fat guys, (and proud of it,) and a scrawny one. We left before they’d figured all the scores, so we don’t know which team won.

2. At the rodeo on night one, Son #2 delivered sad tidings. Rusty, the great and noble guinea pig and long time pet of grandkids, Blondie and Git ‘R’Done, had passed away.

Not an actual picture of Rusty, but close enough.

Not an actual picture of Rusty, but close enough.

(Seriously, I found the below image while searching for a guinea pig photo. I hope I’m never hungry enough to look at it and say, “Mm…that looks pretty tasty.” Ew.)

Cooked Guinea Pig

Happy to say Rusty avoided this fate.

Okay, so I’m getting a little off target.

We expected tears from six-year-old Blondie and we got ’em for a while, but she recovered quickly. That night in the hotel room with Gramps and me, she woke me with her weeping, however.

Nana: (mumbling) Why are you crying, Blondie?

Blondie: (Crying harder.) I can’t help it. I’ve been trying not to all night.

Nana: (mumbling harder) Get up and go to the bathroom, see if that helps…

I guess it did because I didn’t hear her anymore, but the next day I asked Gramps if he’d heard her. He hadn’t.

Blondie: I wasn’t crying because of Rusty, Nana. I was crying because of Gramps snoring. I just wanted him to stop…

So, Gramps, sleep with one eye open. A little girl might be approaching your head with a pillow and crying into the darkness, “Make it stop! I just want it to stop…!”

So What do y’all think?

  • Is Three Fats and a Railer a good team name, or what?
  • Would Rusty have tasted like chicken?
  • Should Gramps worry?

A big thanks to the Duncan, OK, Hampton Inn for the clean room, comfy bed, and surprisingly good breakfast.

Blondie and Git’R’Done, this song Where There is Faith by 4Him will comfort you about your good and faithful friend. Rest in peace, Rusty.

Until next time, God bless.

9 thoughts on “Duncan Oklahoma Horse Fair and Ranch Rodeo and the Passing of a Great Guinea Pig

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  6. The ranch rodeo was just as fun as last year! We’re already counting down the months until the next go ’round. As for Gramp’s snoring… Yikes! (That’s all I’ll say) Well, maybe not… I remember one night in particular at Dad & Mom’s where all of us and a snoring dog slept in the living room. I spent the night dangling a sock in Gramp’s face to “make it stop”. Three Fats & a Railer is an excellent name. I saw the team, and it was appropriate. Rusty would have made a very fatty dinner. I’m not sure what the taste would have been; but I’m sure of the fat. Enjoyed the post. Hasta luego.

  7. I laughed out loud at Blondie crying because of Gramps’ snoring. So funny. It reminds me of a ladies weekend away where I shared a room with my sister and 3 other ladies and I swear this one woman’s snoring was registering on the Richter scale. My sister finally started to cry, lifted her head from beneath the pillow (earphones in her ears) and said “if she doesn’t stop I’m going to sleep in the bathtub.” So I got up, shook the woman (because that’s how they do it in the movies) and she grunted, rolled over, and continued to snore. My sister was too chicken to sleep in the bathtub, but we did buy the woman Breathe-Right strips for the following night. (didn’t help much).
    Great post, Danni – and I’m sorry for the loss of your guinea pig (which I’m pretty sure would probably taste like chicken.)

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