My Chickens Live in a Bus

A barn housing chickens raised for meat (calle...

For my first blog post ever, I want you to know what kind of ranching outfit you’re dealing with. My chickens live in a schoolbus. I just didn’t want anybody laboring under the impression our place looks like the swanky outfit above .

Gramps (his code name) and I didn’t really see eye to eye on converting a school bus to a chicken dwelling. I thought the bus was tacky, he thought it was cool. This is us discussing it.
Gramps and Nana yelling

Throughout rural America,  hands are raising with many more questions
about old schoolbuses. Do I see a hand from Missouri? Yes, I do.IMG_1269


Go ahead, Hon, name please? Huh? Okay, Lovinia,  what’s your question?

“I sure like the color of a nice ol’ schoolbus. Do you think I should order yellow chickens this spring? Maybe Buff Orpingtons? I also like school bus yellow so much, I’m thinkin’ of colorin’ my hair to match. Have you got any thoughts on that?”

Yes. Don’t do it. Go for it with the Buff Orpington’s, though. They’re mighty fine chickens.

Allrighty…from Oklahoma. (Okay, I know this guy. This is gonna be good.)

Name, sir?

“You know my name, Danni, and my ol’ back ain’t what it used to be…cain’t you unbend enough to let me modify that chicken bus with an automatic manure spreader?”


And one last question from an anonymous Okie woman in the back row. Yes, ma’am, speak up?

“Would an old schoolbus work as a doghouse for the hubby?”

Oh, bless your heart. It certainly seems like it should if it doesn’t leak, but I couldn’t say for sure since I’m not familiar with your bus.

But what do y’all think?

  • Are little chickens who live in a schoolbus smarter than their peers?
  • At college age, do they perform better on their SAT’s, or are they just plain dumb?
  • In your opinion, is an old schoolbus sitting out in the yard a crime against the color coordinated everywhere, or do you think it’s cool, too?

Please answer these pressing questions in the comment box below.

Until next time, enjoy Dailey and Vincent doin’ By the Mark, and God bless y’all.

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